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Crossover Dribble and Shot
Crossover Dribble and Shot

The cross-over dribble has become a staple for all great perimeter scorers. These great scorers make it look easy, but see how much goes into this important shot.

Shot Off a Screen
Shot Off a Screen

The screen when set effectively will always create some problems in a defense. This will allow a brief opportunity to take an open shot. See how we do it in this video.

Pull Up Jump Shot
Pull Up Jump Shot

Often the best shot a basketball player will get is before the opposing team's defense can set up. Watch this video to see everything that goes into this shot.

Shooting the Runner
Shooting the Runner

The runner in the lane can be a great way for a smaller player to attack the basket. See how it's done in this video.

One Dribble Control Drill
One Dribble Control Drill

When taking a shot off the dribble that final dribble into the shot pocket will be the most important. Watch in this video an excellent drill to work on this.

Coach Rake

Resistance Dribbling the Basketball- Getting Stronger 

Resistance dribbling to become stronger when dribbling the basketball is a drill that every young player should put into their training regimen. Players such as Chris Paul have used this drill to help them become better controlling the basketball while they are fighting to physical contact. Check out this video to see how resistance dribbling the basketball is done, and how it can help you.


How it can Help You be Stronger with the Ball

Basketball is generally not a collision sport, but it is definitely a contact sport. Being able to remain strong on the basketball is a necessity when you play in games, and as you progress up the basketball ladder there will be even more contact where fouls will not be called. Every basketball player must be adept at maintaining their balance throughout this contact, as no player can ever rely on a foul being called just because they get bumped.

In this video we will show a drill that will help any player to become better balanced when dribbling the basketball. As with any drill it is important to put all of your energy into it to get its full benefit. All you will need is someone strong enough to provide resistance while you dribble.


Four Cone Dribble Basketball Drill- Not just for Perimeter Players

The four cone dribble basketball drill is great for players that are trying to enhance their ball-handling perimeter skills. I love this ball-handling basketball drill because any player can tweak it in such a way as to allow the player to work on moves that require a little more polish to their personal game.


Why these Ball-handling Drills are so Important

There are a lot of drills that can be used to enhance ball-handling skills. Often players will feel pigeonholed into thinking they are not suited to handle the basketball, so they stop trying to develop those skills. But by not developing those abilities, obviously they will not be suited for doing anything more than catching and passing the ball, and that in turn reduces their total ability to contribute to and offensive. All of these drills that I promote in my videos and my website are designed for everyone who plays the game of basketball. No player should ever think they are incapable of doing anything on the court, because if you limit what you do in practice it in turn severely limits what you can actually bring into a game.

The four cone dribble drill is just one more tool to allow a player to develop his perimeter ball-handling skills. it can be done on a half-court with a minimum of props, and one of the advantages of this drill is you can fine-tune it to whatever you happen to be working on at that time. So before you check out the video to see how I do it, just remember to push yourself as hard as you can while you do it. If you’re just starting out you might want to go a little slower, but you’ll get the most out of this drill when you go full speed.

Ways to Get the Big Players Involved in Basketball Offense

Getting big players involved in basketball offense is really a concept that is starting to take hold with a lot of basketball coaches. Highly effective basketball offense is almost always predicated on finding individual mismatches, which means that when your team has a tall guy who is able to shoot, when bringing him to the outside it forces their defender out to play perimeter defense, which is frequently out of the comfort zone for many tall men when they have to defend the perimeter. This may create a mismatch you can exploit.


How to get Tall Players Involved in the Basketball Offense

If you’re a big player that wants to master how to play the total game of basketball, you need to be aware that there is a lot more to the basketball game than “10 feet from the rim and closer”. Many coaches still like to glue their big basketball player as close to the basket as they can, and to be candid there are valid reason for that. Size matters more when you’re close to the basket, and moving matters much more on the perimeter. But a lot of basketball mentors nowadays, and this is now somewhat of a focus in European basketball, is that if you can get a good match-up the old norms can be switched.

During this video I am going to emphasize one way to help get the big man to get open on the outside, and that can be a tough match-up for any defense. See how I demonstrate this on the video.

See the Value of Good Basketball Movement

Anyone that’s had some engagement with the game of basketball understands the necessity of good basketball movement when trying to operate an offense. Even the best trained basketball squads will see their offense stand still occasionally, and there will be several reasons for that. In this particular video I am going to identify the value of good basketball movement to increase scoring options every time down the hardwood.

Good basketball movement at all times will keep the defense in motion. We can go back to military history to see that the defense which is “dug in” is always much harder to attack. Therefore the initiative from an offensive point of view is at all times to keep any defense relocating and wondering exactly where the attack will come from. For basketball that’s quite easy. Defenses have to react to the spot where the basketball is, and if the basketball continues to move any defense must react with it. This leads to breakdowns in the defense that may be attacked, but the timing must be right.

By observing this video you will see how I point out how superior basketball movement will breakdown the defense and then make it very prone to attack. The San Antonio Spurs, as I am going to demonstrate during the video do this very well. Check this out to get insight on the way good teams accomplish this.

One Dribble Control Basketball Drill

The one dribble control basketball drill is something that I have used for a while now, and I think that any player who wants to be good shooting off the dribble should also make this part of their practice routine. When shooting off the dribble efficiency of movement is of primary concern. This means that final dribble must propel the basketball into the shot pocket as quickly as possible in order to go from a smooth transition from dribble to shot.  Often the last dribble a basketball shooter makes before getting the shot off will be the difference making a shot and being just a bit late. Coach Justin Rake demonstrates in this video a drill to make this set-up for the shot second nature.

The Drill to Get your Shot Off Quicker

Like anything this requires practice. That final dribble is really a power dribble (as you’ll see in the video) and if you don’t practice this on a regular basis you will have a tendency to fumble the ball. This will of course probably negate any chance for you to get a shot off. That final dribble also must bring the ball up exactly where you want it. If the basketball is off to one side or the other, or it is too far out or too close to the body there will be a breakdown when transferring the ball. Watch how I demonstrate how to do the move.

Crossover and Jump Shot Basketball Move

The dribble known as the crossover and jump shot is a basketball move that has been used for several years now by NBA basketball shooters who are good handling the ball. In this video I show some of the subtle ways you can make this move work for you.


Use the Crossover Dribble to Set Up the Defender

A good crossover dribble is a great way to get your basketball jump shot off, but you have to not only be a great shooter but know how to handle the ball with either hand flawlessly. It is really just a simple change of direction move, and what to do after the crossover as you’ll see in my video you won’t just automatically go into a shot or drive. With every great basketball move the idea is to read the defender and have a move to counteract the way he reacts to your move.

As I demonstrate in the video tutorial you can simply go up for an uncontested jump shot, drive to the basket if the defender is out of position and the lane is open, or do a double crossover. Many players that are good with the ball use this move to show off their basketball moves. That is not what the crossover is designed to do. It really is an efficient way to get the defender off-balance, and then make you move. When done right it is very efficient, and when done wrong it kills an offense. Watch the video as I demonstrate.

How to get the Shot Off with a Basketball Ball Screen

A basketball ball screen is a way virtually all professional basketball shooters use to get their shot off.  It’s quite a simple move but like any basketball maneuver it must be done with precision.  Watch how I  demonstrate how it’s done, and then go step-by-step the way Stephan Curry does it.


The Ball Screen Starts with an Effective Pick

Basketball ball screens have become a simple yet effective way for all NBA teams to get an offense going. In its simplest form it is a two-man game with the screener setting a pick for the player who is dribbling, and then the player dribbling either takes a shot or makes a play. This will depend on how the basketball screen is defended. If done right and the screener sets effective screen it can cause complete disruption with players trying to defend. But all too often the screen is set haphazardly and without conviction.

So the play must start with a solid screen. If the player who is being screened for is not a good shooter the play will not be effective as a defense will merely ignore him. But if he is a pure shooter who can put up a quick shot, someone like Stephan Curry, the defense knows that they have to get out guarding that shooter at all costs. That usually means the player who has set the screen will probably be open for either jump shot or a roll to the basket. Watch the video to see how it is done the right way.

How to make the Basketball Jump Shot in Transition

Many coaches firmly believe that the only good shot in transition is a layup at the basket. Obviously a shot at the basket with the player who can finish is almost a guaranteed two points, but often even on a fast break the basket is going to be somewhat guarded. In this case those two points are not guaranteed, and a higher percentage shots might be an open 10 footer then taking it at a defender. In this case the basketball jump shot in transition will be a higher percentage shot, as that is when the defense is spread out and trying to recover. But there are certain things that you must do to shoot this shot properly. Watch this video to see how Coach Justin Rake demonstrates.


 The Shot in Transition means Recognizing the Defense 

First of all you must be totally cognizance of where the defense is in their ability to defend the fast-break. Being able to read what they intend to do before they do it is not only a great lesson for getting the highest percentage shot in the fast-break, but getting a shot off against any defense in basketball. The advantage of taking a jump shot in transition is that you’re going to have just a little more time for the shot, which should lead to a higher percentage shot. And after the possession has been completed this may be the best shot you get. So if you have a coach that thinks that even a wide open jump shot in transition is a bad shot, they will always keep quiet if you knock it down.

How to make the Runner in Basketball

If you’re a basketball player who has designs on being a great scorer, you have to bring more to your game than just a spot-up jump shot. Having the ability to score in a number of ways from anywhere on the court is what all great scores must work to do. Being able to consistently make the runner in basketball is a great way to add points to your scoring average. Also called the teardrop shot because of the shot’s higher trajectory, this basketball shot enables the smaller player to challenge big guys near the basket. In this video tutorial Coach Justin Rake demonstrates how to correctly make a runner in the lane in basketball. He shows how one of the best, Tony Parker pulls off the runner in basketball in multiple ways. See how it’s done in this video.



Get Creative when Practicing the Teardrop Basketball Shot 

The runner in basketball requires a lot of time and practice to perfect, but it can be difficult simulates shooting over a seven footer who challenges you in the lane when you practice. Many players who don’t practice this shot a lot see a big guy coming at them and merely fling the ball in the direction of the baskets, almost in panic. This obviously becomes a very low percentage shot. Since most of the time you won’t have somebody that big to shoot over, you might have to get a bit creative. Have anyone no matter what size stand in front of the baskets with a couple of tennis rackets in their hands. Go into the lane and use the runner over those extended tennis rackets. This is one way to simulate how to shoot it over those tall shot blockers when trying to make the teardrop shot.

One Dribble Pull-up for the Basketball Shot

The one dribble pull-up jump shot has long been a go-to move for top-flight NBA players, and for any great shooter it is especially important. Using a quick move toward the basket is tough to defend for any defender no matter how quick they happen to be. But at the higher levels all good defensive teams will have somebody there to defend the basket. Being able to quickly pull-up and shoot accurately and consistently is vital for scores at higher levels of basketball.




There are many variations of the one step pull-up jump shot, and if a player can use all of them effectively it can make it almost impossible to defend. As I demonstrate in this video you can go either left or right, use a different pivot foot and shoot either with the pull-up or a long one-two step depending on where the opening for the shot is. As mentioned earlier professional basketball players like Carmelo Anthony (pictured here) use this shot to their advantage, and in this video I will talking through how I do it and then how it’s done on the professional level. Check out this video to understand how to put the one step pull-up into your toolbox to get your jump shot off turn consistently.

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